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Vadalur Kalpattu Ayya

Vadalur Kalpattu Ayya Swami

Kalpattu Ayya : The Graceful Master who took over his disciple

Kalpattu Iyya Samathi Vadalur
Thirunarunkundram was a small village near Thirukkovilur.  In that village, Kalpattu Ayya (கல்பட்டு ஐயா) was leading an ascetic life in his small hut, which was over a hill.  In his meditation, he once got a vision that his Master will come in person to take over him.  The Omniscient Lord Vallalar went there and calmly said, “Kalpattu Ayya!  For fulfilling your penance, I came here as told by God, open your eyes”.  The words resounded as magic spell in the ears of Kalpattu Ayya.  He suddenly felt an unknown ecstasy and opened his eyes.  There stood Vallalar as form filled with Compassion and Grace.  Thus the Master took over his disciple. 

Kalpattu Ayya Swami
Kalpattu Iyya Samathi
Vadalur Kalpattu Ayya
One yogi name Kalpattu Ayya intuitively knew that a man of knowledge (Jnana Acharya) would come of his own accord to him on particular day and time, accompanied or surrounded by a retinue devotees, in order to accept him ( the former) as a disciple. The said yogi informed many about his intuition. Vallalar accompanied by many devotees, visited the yogi at his village Tirunarung Kunram on the day and hour as foreseen by the latter and accepted him as His disciple. Vallalar took him to Vadalur and gave him a separate cottage to pursue and practise his yoga. Whenever the Vallalar happened to deal in his lectures to the devotees, any subject which would benefit Kalpattu Ayyah, he would send for him immediately. In his later days, the said yogi was managing Dharma sala. He died at Vadalur and his remains has been preserved in Samadhi near Dharma Shala. He was a realized soul among the Vallalars disciple.

How to Reach : Kalpattu Ayya Samadhi is near Dharma Shala in Vadalur. 

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