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Theenchuvai Theertham

Theenchuvai Theertham - தீஞ்சுவை தீர்த்தம்

The Theenchuvai canal (Sweet spring water) is on the Karunguzhi-Mettukuppam way. This was created by Vallalar to manage water scarcity. Those suffering from any disease spill the Theechuvai (Theensuvai Neerotai) water on head for a cure. 

தீஞ்சுவை தீர்த்தம் Vadalur

Theensuvai Neerotai

தீஞ்சுவை தீர்த்தம்

Mettukuppam - Vadalur

Theenchuvai Theertham Mettukupam

Theenchuvai Theertham Vadalur

Theensuvai Neerotai Mettukuppam

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அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி தனிப்பெருங்கருணை 

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