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Maruthur Birth Place of Vallalar   

Vallalar, Ramalinga Adigal (இராமலிங்க அடிகளார்) was born in South Arcot district, at a village called Maruthur, located near Chidambaram. His father Ramaiah Pillai was a village Munsif, and his mother was Chinnamayar. He was born on 5th October 1823 as a 5th child to this noble couple.

Maruthur Birth Place of Vallalar
Vallalar Birthplace Maruthur

Maruthur Near Vadalur

Vallalar Parents

Important Events in Vallalar's Life :

He attained a state of blissfulness of immorality. He tried his level best to put an end to the vaidik domination in the temple of Chidambaram. The vaidik priests of the temple did not allow him to put forth.

1. Samarasa Sudha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam: His physical body was transformed into divine light. Vallalar cured the diseases of the tow wives of vettavalam zamindar. The zamindar and the people in and around Vadalur offered their lands for the construction of Samarasa Sudha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam at vadalur in 1865.

2. Dharmasaalai and Gana Sabhai: He constructed Dharmasaalai - house for feeding the poor and ganasabai - the temple of true wisdom. On 23rd may 1867, Dharmasaalai was inaugurated and the Gana Sabhai was dedicated to the public on 25th January 1872 with the star poosam representing the day.

Maruthur - Vallalar Home
Maruthur Vallalar Home

3. Water poured in a lamp kept it burning for the whole night: Vallalar lit the lamp with the help of water in venkat reddiar's house in karunguzhi while reddiar's wife forget to keep oil for the lamp in his room. On 18th april 1872, in Mettukuppam, he wrote Arutperum joythi Agaval in a single day. It explains about his whole transformation.

4. First sanmarga flag hoisted: The first sanmarga flag was hoisted at Mettukuppam on 22nd October 1873 and offered perupadesam on the same day at Mettukuppam - Sidhivalagam.

5. Sidhivalagam: On 30th January 1874, Friday at midnight vallalar locked himself inside the room at mettukuppam -- sidhivalagam and offered his disciples not to open the door until they get the next message.  Later, the govt ordered to open the door. When it was opened, there was seen nothing except Arutperum Joythi. It clearly indicates that Vallalar had transformed into grace light !

Marudur Near Vadalur
Maruthur Road

How to Reach : Marudur is 10 kms away from vadalur enroute to Sethiyathope

Other Places to See related to Vallalar Life History

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