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Sathya Gnana Sabai

Sathya Gnana Sabai - Temple of Wisdom (வடலூர் சத்திய ஞானசபை)

After the inauguration of Sathya Dharmasalai at Vadalur, the saint used to live in the hermitage called "Siddhivalagam" in the village Mettukuppam. There he used to give sermons which led him to be regarded as a spiritual guide and teacher. It is said that his admirers and disciples and even Govt. Officials had changed their residence and gone to live where they could remain constantly near him.

Vadalur Sathya Gnanasabai

Temple of Wisdom
Ramalinga Adigal opened, the "Sathya Gnana Sabha" (Hall of True Knowledge) at Vadalur on January 25, 1872. One of the primary teaching of valallar is "Service to mankind is path of moksha". He declared that death is not natural that our life's first priority should be to fight death. He declared religion in itself is a darkness. He laid a very great emphasis on being vegetarian. He said God is "Arul Perum Jothi" who is personification of mercy and knowledge. He said the path of compassion and mercy are only path to God. 

Vadalur Arul Perum Jothi

Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar Jothi
In 1865 he established a center for feeding the poor people. On the inaugural day he lit the fire of the stone stove, with a declaration that the fire be ever alive and the needy shall be fed forever. Around 1870 he established the Sathya Gnana Sabai, hall of True Wisdom Forum and ensuring it was entirely secular . This place is not a temple as no offerings of fruits or flowers could be made, and no blessings were given. It was open to people of all castes except those who ate meat, who were only allowed to worship from the outside. The oil lamp lit by him is kept perpetually burning. He said that our soul is blinded by 7 seven veils. There are seven cotton fabric screens, representing the seven factors that prevent a soul from realizing its true nature.

The next significant aspect of the universal religion is the worship of light. The saint experienced the realities of the Lord and the light within the Light, as seen from the poems.

These three aspects of Light are to be distinguished. 
  • The first is the God Light. It is known as the guiding Light.
  • The second is the living light guided by the first.
  • The third is the light, which can be realised through the soul atom only .
வடலூர் சத்திய ஞானசபை

Sathya Gnana Sabai

Vadalur worship of light

Swami Ramalingam – THIRU ARUTPRAKASA VALLALAR is not only the founder of this Temple of Wisdom, but also is the first man of exemplify in practical experience that Divine life of Grace. He was born to bring out that new Divine Life to this world. By the Grace of God he got the knowledge of his true self which is no other than the Divine one. From that stage of Divine Oneness he extended the life of Grace upon the material world. In due course, his Inner form of Divine Gracious self burst and filled to make him the person or Divine Gracious Light or Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar. This Divine Light form is Eternal, but will be living in casual, subtle and gross (or Gnana, Pranava and Suddha) bodies to up-lift the aspiring humanity. Because he is of Divine Gracious person he can come to sight of others only at his will and anywhere. It is he, who attracts us from our Innermost to acknowledge him and all his attainment. To aid us, he has endowed this Temple of Wisdom and the highest literature of Divine Grace called the THIRU ARUTPA. With all these inner and outer guidance this book of Wisdom Temple is published to enlighten the whole humanity. Let this open the entrance of the Inner temple of Wisdom of every one and offer the Gracious life of Bliss.

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