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Theperumanallur Ruturaksheshwarar Temple:

Thepperumanallur, is a small village is situate near Thirunageswaram railway station - next station to Kumbakonam on Kumbakonam-Mayavaram route.

The primary deity of this temple is Viswanathar (Lord Shiva) and his consort is Vedantanayaki.

Thepperumanallur siva temple

Ruturaksheshwarar Temple

Thepperumanallur siva temple

Significance of Theperumanallur Temple:
  • The Shiva here is also called Annadhana shiva. The siva linga covered with ' Rudraksha kavacha ' and hence the lord named as Ruturaksheshwarar.
  • There is a siva linga in whose Avudiyar a maragada is fixed inside on which sunlight falls every day. The Power of this linga is said to be the combination of all the 12 jothirlingams in India and therefore unique.
  • The Dakshinamurthy Idol is unique and is considered more powerful and boon bestowing than Alangudi or anywherelse.
  • The Ambal is called Vedantanayaki and swami as Viswanathar. There is a rudraksha kavacha on the sivalinga.
  • This is the only temple where archana to siva is done with rudraksha – archana with eka mukha to 12 mukha rudrakshas provides boons and purusharthas as the devotees require.
  • There is vigneswara, Shanmuga, navagraha sannathis and also a temple tank on the eastern side.
  • The power of the temple is such that Rahu/Kethu doshas are removed, childless couples bestowed with divine child and there are many more plus to benefit the devotee.
Theperumanallur Sri Ruturaksheshwarar Temple

Miracle in Thepperumanallur siva temple : (Image Source : Google)

Snake worship shiva in thepperumanallur shiva temple
Snake worship shiva in thepperumanallur shiva temple
Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam :  At the Siva Temple in Thepperumanallur, large numbers of devotees witnessed a miracle of a Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam with Vilvam leaves On the day of the solar eclipse ( 15.1.2010 ) , around 10.30 a.m.

King cobra climbed the vilva tree , plucked the leaf ,entered the sanctum Santorum and placed the leaf on top of the Shiva linga. This incident is reported in the tamil newspapers with photos. Miracle Day is January 15, 2010 – Solar Eclipse day

Theperumanallur Sri Naga Vishwanatha Swamy Temple
தேபெருமாநல்லூர் - நாக விஸ்வநாத சுவாமி திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Ruturaksheshwarar / Naga Vishwanathar
Goddess Name
Travel Base

How to Reach : Thepperumalnallur,  village is  near Thirunageswaram railway station - next station to Kumbakonam. This temple is very near to Ragusthalam,oppiliyappan temple.


  1. Great small temple,serene & peaceful surroundings.
    Om Namah Shivayah!
    If temples are take care well with reverence by state administration,then only Tamil Nadu will develop in right direction....our ancestors have created such phenomenal metaphysical manifestations through rituals and worship in Temples for the benefit of humanity to preserve Dharma - the key to sustenance of world.

  2. Theperumanallur Ruturaksheshwarar Temple Contact Detail:

    Name: Sathish Gurukkal
    Contact Number: 9443527247


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