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Azhagar Sitthar Temple Thenambakkam Cuddalore

Azhagar Siddhar and Azhagu Muthu Ayyanar Temple Thennampakkam Cuddalore

 Azhagar Siddhar Temple at Thennampakkam, a village near Pondicherry (20 kms) and Cuddalore(17 kms). History dates back to 600years when Azhagiya sithar reached thennampakkam and attained soulful meditation. Temple is surrounded by thousands of Statues of various models given to the temple as offerings by the Devotees. 
Cuddalore Thennampakkam Azhagar Sitthar Temple
Thenambakkam Azhagar Siddhar Temple
Azhagu Muthu Ayyanar Temple Thennampakkam
Azhagu Muthu Ayyanar Temple Cuddalore
Azhagar Siddhar Alayam Thennampakkam

Temple Significance : Wish Idols to Thennampakkam Azhagar Siddhar
Sri Azhagar Siddhar Alayam, Thennampakkam, Cuddalore
அழகர் சித்தர் அய்யனார் கோவில் தென்னம்பாக்கம்,  கடலூர்

Muthu Ayyanar temple and Shri Azhagar Siddhar Memorial is in Thennampakkam, near Pondicherry. The temple complex has full of dolls and idols in various shapes and sizes, older than 20-30 years, which are worshiped to Lord Ayyanar and the Shri Azhagar Siddhar in his Memorial temple.
Thenambakkam Temple near Pondicherry
Thenambakkam Azhagar Sitthar Temple History
Thenambakkam village near pondicherry
Thennampakkam Toy Temple near Pondicherry
Devotees from all around the place has tied a bunch of letters to the Sword of Lord Ayyanar, after worshiping to Azhagar/Alagar Siddhar or Saint, to seek his favor to fulfill their wishes written in it. Once their wishes have been fulfilled, they visit the temple once again and to place an small Idol or Toy symbolizing their gratitude. Their wish can be anything from prosperity, abundance of wealth, better health, higher Education to Children, choice of profession, etc.

The temple complex is completely surrounded with hundreds of idols and statues molded out of cement and clay in several shapes and sizes from old ages and still being worshiped in same way.

Directions to Thennampakkam Siddhar Temple:
Drive Pondicherry - Thavalakuppam - Embalam - Thennambakkam - Sri Azhagar Siddhar Alayam.

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