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Pushpagiri Malaiyandavar Temple CN Palayam

Pushpagiri Malaiyandavar Temple C.N.Palayam

C.N.Palayam ( Chennappa Nayakkan Palayam ) is a Village in Cuddalore Taluk in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu State, India; It is located 21 KM towards west from Cuddalore town and 12 kms froms panruti town. And it is well connected from both towns.

C.N.Palayam Malaiyandavar Temple
CN palayam Murugan Temple
C.N.Palayam Pushpagiri Malaiyandavar Temple
C.N.Palayam Shiva Temple

This village has small hill temple called as Pushpagiri Malaiyandavar Temple. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva in the form of Rajarajeshvarar.

Cuddalore C.N. Palayam - Pushpagiri Malaiyandavar Temple
கடலூர் சி. என். பாளையம் - புஷ்ப கிரி மலை ஆண்டவர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Raja Rajeshwarar
Goddess Name
Sri Rajarajeshvari Amman
Chennappa Nayakkan Palayam, Cuddalore
Sithar peedam Jeeva Samathi, 
Malaipillaiyar kovil,
Dhandayuthapani Swamy,
Believed as old ancient temple
Travel Base
Cuddalore / Panruti

Recently they found the siddar samadhi inside this temple, while temple committee doing the Kumbhabhishekham work, they found under the Vinayagar temple, there is subway in which Sithar jeeva samathi was found. 

( Watch this video News 7 reported this incident )
Chennappanayakkanpalayam Hill Temple
Pushpagiri Malaiyandavar Temple
Raja Rajeshwarar Temple C.N.Palayam
CN Palayam News

Also they found Pallava era sculptures which was 1300 years old.

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