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San Antonio Light Show

San Antonio The Saga Laser Light Show

San Antonio The Saga Is Presented By Main Plaza Conservancy in Cathedral of San FernandoWith The Generous Support Of Public And Private Institutions, Individuals And The City Of San Antonio.
San Antonio Laser Video Art Presentation
San Antonio Laser Show
Cathedral of San Fernando Light Show
Here's A Glimpse Of What You Will Learn About:
Ø  San Antonio THE SAGA, Original And Unique Video Narration Coming To Historic Main Plaza, Also Known As The "People's Plaza"
Ø  Project Unveiled Friday, June 13, 2014;
Ø  Video Art Projection To Cover 7,000 Sq. Ft. Of Light, Color And Visual Narration Projected Onto The Majestic Facade Of San Fernando Cathedral;
Ø  A 24 Minute Journey Through The Historical Discovery, Settlement And Development Of San Antonio, Our Wonderful Lone Star State, And United States History;
Ø  Destination For Residents, South Texans, National, And International Visitors;
Ø  Video Art Installation Will Be Shown Starting 2014 Thru 2024.

San Antonio Laser Show Information : 
Ø  Seating: We Have To Bring our Own Lawn Chairs And Blankets From Home (Optional).
Ø  Hosted By: Main Plaza Conservancy
Ø  Admission: Free
Ø  When: Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
Ø  Show Times: 9pm, 9:30pm, 10pm
San Antonio The Saga
San Fernando Cathedral Laser light show
The Majestic Facade Of San Fernando Cathedral
San Fernando Roman Catholic Church
Cathedral of San Fernando Laser Light Show

Location: Main Plaza, Home Of San Fernando Cathedral, 115 N. Main Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78205 

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