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Thirumeachur  Sri Lalithambigai Temple

Tirumeeyachur Lalithambika Temple is a Hindu temple located at Thirumeeyachur village in Nannilam circle, Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. He is called as Meganathaswami and his consort is Lalithambikai.
Thirumeachur Lalithambigai Temple
Tirumeeyachur Lalithambika Temple
It is one of the shrines of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams - Shiva Sthalams glorified in the early medieval Tevaram poems by Tamil Saivite Nayanar Thirugnana sambandar.

Sri Lalitambika deity is seated resting her folded right leg on the seat. Her left leg is in Sukhasana posture. She is said to be in Manonmani Swaroopa and hence is also known as Santanayaki.
Tirumeeyachur Temple Near Peralam
திருமீயச்சூர் இளங்கோயில் சகலபுவனேஸ்வரர்
Meganathar Temple Tirumeeyachur
There is a Maharishi named Kashyapa who has two wives - Karththuru and Vinathai. They had a fight in between them about the black spot on the tail of uchchaisiravas , the Horse of Indra. They repented for their fight and came to Thirumaiyachur and worshiped the lord. The Lord Meghanadhar blessed and gave them a egg for each, asked to preserve it for an year to get splendid sons. They got Garudan, Arunan respectively.

Significance of the temple:
v  The temple is praised in Thevaram hymns. This is the 56th Shiva temple on the southern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns (Paadal Petra Sthalam).
v  The temple is praised by Saint Tirugnana Sambandar in his Thevaram hymns. 
v  Sun worships the Lord with his rays falling on the Lord from 21st to 27th of chiththirai.
v  Rajendra Chola, Kunthavai Naachiyaar and Sembian Maadevi are said to have renovated this ancient temple.
v  Lalita Sahasranamam is a text from Brahmanda Purana. It is a sacred text to the Hindu worshippers of the Goddess Lalita Devi, i.e. the Divine Mother or Goddess Durga.

v  Lord Hayagriva is the disciple of Mother Lalithambika.  He taught the greatness of Lalitha Sahasranama to Sage Agasthya.
Thirumeeyachur - Sri Meganathar Temple
திருமீயச்சூர் - மேகநாதர் திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Meganatha swami (Mihara Aruneswarar, Muyarchi Nathar)
மேகநாதர், முயற்சி நாதேஸ்வரர், திருமேனிநாதர்
Goddess Name
Sri Veyuru Tholiammai - லலிதாம்பிகை, சௌந்தரநாயகி
Temple Tank
56th Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam in South of cauvery region,
One of 275 Devaram Padal Petram Sthalams,
Two Paadal Petra Sthalam in the same vicinity
Lalitha Saharanaamam
1000 years old
Travel Base

How To Reach :  Tirumeeyachur is 1 km away from Peralam near Mayiladuthurai. Bus facility is available conveniently between Mayiladuthurai and Peralam.
Sri Lalithambika - Meganathaswami Temple,
Tirumeeyachur-609 405, Tiruvarur district.

Thirumiyachur Sri Lalithambigai
Sri Lalithambigai Thirumeychur

Note : Another Padal Petra Sthalam is located inside of this temple.

TirumeeyachurIlamkovil  Sri Sakalabhuvaneswarar - Mekalambika Temple

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