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Karunguzhi - Vallalar Thanneeril Vilaketria Illam

Vallalar used the water as fuel for the lamp without knowing that he is using the water as oil.

Vallalar Karunkuzhi

Vallalar Karunguzhi Home

In 1858, Vallalar moved from Chennai and started staying at Karunguzhi (கருங்குழி), a hamlet near his birth place, There he had performed several miracles including burning light with water, bringing up an everflowing spring (which is still there) by digging with his hand, etc.

Vadalur Karunkuzhi

Karunkuzhi near Vadalur

Vallalar was staying in the house of one Tiruvengadam from where he published the first four Thirumurai of his Arutpa. He would be writing during nights. Once, Tiruvengadam’s wife left a water bowl near him by oversight which Vallalar used as oil for the lamp and the lamp also performed well. During his Karunguzhi days in Thiruvengadam’s house Vallalar had Mustache also and a picture of this could be seen in the temple.

The Annadhanam is a daily ritual here. The Theenchuvai canal is on the Karunguzhi-Mettukuppam way. This was created by Vallalar to manage water scarcity.

Those suffering from any disease spill the Theechuvai water on head for a cure.

How to Reach :  Karunguzhi is 5 kms aways from vadalur 
Vallalar Thanneeril Vilaketria Illam, 
Karunguzhi,  Tamil Nadu 607303, India 

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