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Tirupungur Sivalokanathar Temple

Thirupungur is a small village about 3 kms from Vaitheeswaran Koil. This place was once surrounded by Pungu trees and hence the name Thirupungur.

Thiruppungur Sivaloganathar Temple

The Shiva lingam is a Swayambhu (Self manifested) lingam, the Nandi here is also a Swayambhu. The presiding deity at this temple is Sivaloganathar  and His consort is Sowndaryanayaki

This is one of the three temples where Nandhi Shifted aside to show darshan of Lord to devotees (Thirupanthuruthi – Appar, Patteeswaram – Gnanasampanthar, Thirupungur – Nandhanar).

Nandanaar Temple

Nandhi Moved for Nandhanar

Thirunalai Povar Nayanar Temple

The temple is praised in the Devaram hymns by three Saints Appar, Thirugnanasampanthar and Sundarar.  This is the 20th Shiva temple on the northern bank of river Cauvery praised in Devaram hymns.

Thirunalai Povar Nayanar : Nandanar (also spelt as Nantanar), also known as Tirunalaippovar (Thirunaalaippovar) and Tiru Nalai Povar Nayanar, was a Nayanar saint, who is venerated in the Hindu sect of Shaivism. He is the only Dalit saint in the Nayanars. He is generally counted as the eighteenth in the list of 63 Nayanars.

Nandanaar, an aredent devotee of God Shiva was born in Mela Adhanur village in a lower caste family and the people born in lower caste were not allowed to enter the temple premises in those days. Nandanaar used to stand outside the temple at a long distance and used to worship and pray to God Shiva. As is customary in all Shiva Temples, the statue of Nandi kept in a straight line and facing the God inside the sanctum sanctorum was of great hindrance to Nandanaar as the Nandi statue blocked the view of God Shiva. When Nandanaar felt very sorry for not having a good view of God Shiva so that he can worship him, God Shiva ordered Nandi to move sideways from the straight line so that Nandanaar can have a clear view of the God.

Sivalokanathar Temple

Kulam Vettia Vinayagar

Nandhanar decided to build a pond near the temple for the anointing Lord Shiva by Goddess Parvathi but it was a huge task for him, hence he prayed the Lord to help him. Lord Shiva asked Lord Ganapathi to help him to build a pond and hence Ganapathi called as Kulam vettia Vinayagar here.

Thirupungur - Sivalokanathar Temple
திருப்புன்கூர் - சிவலோகநாதர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Goddess Name
Soundaranayagi, Sokkanayagi
Tirupunkur Near Vaitheeswaran Kovil
Punga maram (Punga Tree)
20th of 63 Paadal Petra Sivasthalam in North of River Kaveri
One of 275 Devaram Padal Petram Sthalams,
Nandhi moved for Nandhanar
1500 years old
Travel Base
Chidambaram / Mayiladuthurai

How To Reach :  Thiruppungur Shiva Temple is located 3 Kms from Vaitheeswaran Kovil and 11 Kms from Sirkazhi.

Address : Sri Shivalokanathar Temple
Thirupungur, Vaitheeswaran koil (Post) , 
Sirkali (via), Nagappatinam (Dist) TamilNadu, India
+91 9486717634


#Devara Paadal Petra Sthalams

#தேவாரப் பாடல் பெற்ற திருத்தலங்கள்

NCN020-Sivaloganathar Swamy Thiruppungur near Sirkazhi

NCN020-திருப்புங்கூர் அருள்மிகு சவுந்திர நாயகி அம்மன் உடனுறை சிவலோகநாதர் சுவாமி திருக்கோயில். (விலகிய நந்தி)


  1. Excellent temple......I'm in tirupathi recent my family going to these temple .....I'm heartfully happiness....the one of the great lord Siva ......I'm a roman catholic chiristian but ...all gods r equal my family ....I'm very happy... tirupangur temple history all r once again listening in this story friends...poojaris explanation in this history very very good grandpaa very very happy...thank you God always ur fans..,love 7 so muchhh

  2. The story of the great saint Nandanar is heart-touching! His devotion to Lord Shiva was true! Nandanar had no worldly desires but he had desire to have darshan of Lord Shiva! Lord Shiva liberated him from the cycle of birth-and-death and gave him a honourable place among the revered Nayanmars!!!


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