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Thirunedugalam - Sri Nedungalanadhar Temple

Thirunedungulam is a small beautiful village in Thiruverambur Taluk in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located 21 KM towards East from District head quarters Tiruchirapalli. This village has a famous shiva temple known as Nedungalanadhar Temple.

Nedungalanadhar Temple

Thiru Nedungala Nathar

Thiru Nedunkalam Temple

·         This is the 8th Shiva temple on the southern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram  hymns.
·         Four Saivite Saints and Saint Arunagirinathar had sung the glory of the Lord of the temples in their hymns.
·         Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthi.
·         The rays of Sun fall on the presiding deity from Aadi 7th to 12th –July-August.

Thirunedungulam Shiva Temple

Thirunedungulam Nedungalanadhar Temple

Mother Parvathi graces in the temple formless in the sanctum sanctorum, hence there are two towers above.  This is the only temple in this form next to Kasi-Varanasi in India.  It is noteworthy that procession deity Lord Somaskanda does not have His right thumb.  It is said that an angry king cut it when he deposed as a witness in disguise to protect a devotee, according to puranas.  The antiquity of the temple dates back to 1500 years. 

Yoga Dakshinamoorthy

Nithya Sundareswarar Temple

Thirunedugalam - Thiru Nedungala Nathar Temple
திருநெடுங்களம் - திருநெடுங்கள நாதர் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Tiru Nedungala Nathar, Nithya Sundareswarar
Goddess Name
Sri Mangala Nayaki, Oppila Nayaki
Thiru Nedunkulam
Agasthya, Sundara Theerthams
8th of 127 Paadal Petra Sivasthalam in South of River Kaveri
275 Devaram Padal Petram Sthalams,
Paraskathi did meditation in this place, Parihara Sthalangal,
Yoga Dakshinamoorthy
1500 years old
Travel Base
Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu

How To Reach :  Thirunedungulam is 21 kms far from Tiruchi on the Tanjavur Road. The visitor must get down at Thuvakudi bus stop. Tirunedunkulam Siva temple is 3 km from this Thuvakudi bus stop. There are direct town bus facilities available from Tiruchi to the place.

Bus route: Trichy Chatram Bus stand to Thirunedungulam. Or one should get down at Thuvakudi Bus Stop and can reach Thirunedungulam temple easily .

Address : Sri Thirunedungalanadhar Temple,
Thirunedungulam (Po.), Thiruverumbur (Tk), Trichy.

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