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Thiruvallur ( Thiruevvul )

Thiruvallur town is located around 50 kms from chennai, Tamil Nadu. It comes on the way between Chennai and Thirupathi Highway.
Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple

Thiruvallur - Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple  

Thiruevvul, also called Thiruvallur has a famous vishnu temple. The Moolavar (deity) here is Lord Veeraraghava Perumal with his Thayaar (consort) Kanakavalli . It is one of the 108 Divya desam. The Lord here is in reclining posture on Sesha facing east and his right hand blessing the devotee. Lord Brahma is also seen meditating on a lotus from the Lord's navel. Here, the Lord married Vasumathi the daughter of a king Dharmasena.  The temple is under the administration of Ahobila Mutt.
Thiruvallur - Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple
Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple
Thiruevvul Vishnu Temple
  It has five tiered Rajagopuram (main gate). It was built by Pallavas. There are separate shrines for Kanakavalli, Ganesha, Alwars, Gajalakshmi Thayaar, Gopalan, NammAzhwar, ChakrattAzhwar, Andal, Vedanta Desikan, Ramanujacharyar, and Lakshmi Narasimhar.
Tiruvallur - Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple
Main Deity
Lord Vishnu
Sri Veeraraghava Swami (Vaidhya Veera Raghava Swami)
Goddess Name
Kanakavalli Thayaar (Vasumathi)
Other names
Praised by Thiru Mangai Alwar & Thirumazhisai Alwar,
108 Divya Desam,
1000 - 2000 years old
Temple Tank
Hritabhanasini Pushkarni
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Thiruvallur  - Theertheswarar Temple

The Theertheswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as Theertheswarar (தீர்த்தீஸ்வரர்) and Divine Mother Shakti as Tripurasundari AmbalThe temple is located very near to Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple.
Theertheswarar Temple
Thiruvallur  - Theertheswarar Temple
Theertheswarar Siva Temple
How to Reach : The temples are situated, 3 miles away from Thiruvallore Railway Station, which is in between Chennai to Arakkonam Railway lane. Plenty of bus facility available from Chennai. 

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