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Thirukandalam - Sri Sivanandhishwarar Temple

Sri Sivanandhishwarar temple Thirukandalam near Red hills is the 18th Shiva temple in Thondai Mandalam region praised in Thevaram hymns (Padal petra sthalam). The temple is very small, neat and clean. It is built in the Somaskanda pattern with Skanda in between Sivan and Parvathi sannidhi.

Sivanandhishwarar temple Tirukallil

Lord Shiva appears in the temple as ‘Shakti Dakshinamurthy’ in separate shrine. He is holding the Nectar Pot and the palm leaves in His left hands embracing Mother. Sage Brugu is nearby worshipping the Lord. The temple is situated on the banks of Kuchasthala River.  As Brugu worshipped Lord with Kalli flowers, He is also named Tirukalleeswarar and the place also called as Tirukallil.  Sri Balasubramanya’s shrine is in between those of Lord and Mother, as he granted darshan to Sage Agasthya.  This is called Somaskanda form. 

Shakti Dakshinamurthy Temple

Somaskanda form Temple

Tirukallil - Shiva Nandeeswarar Temple

Nandikulam in front of the temple with good clean water bathing here is allowed.
Shiva is worshipped here by Saint Bhrigu with Kallil flowers (Huge Indian hedge cactus) hence he is also called Kalilishwarar. Saint Bhrigu had a peculiar habit of circumambulating shiva alone daily which used to irritate Parvathy. Shiva gave darshan to Bhrigu rishi in the form of Shakthi dakshinamurthy to prove he was not different from shakthi . We can see the sannidhi with Shakthi on the lap of Shiva here.

When Thirugnanasambandar was travelling to Kalahasthi he had a bath in the Kushashtalai river. His pooja box and Vibhuti box were washed away and were found near this Shiva in between a cactus (Kallil, Kalli) forest. The saint thus composed poems on this lord.  

Tirukallil - Shiva Nandeeswarar Temple
திருக்கள்ளில் - சிவ நந்தீஸ்வரர்  கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Shiva Nandeeswarar , Shakti Dakshinamurthy,
Sri Thirukalleeswarar
Goddess Name
Sri Anandavalli  
Other names
திருக்கள்ளில் , திருக்கண்டலம், திருக்கள்ளம்
18th of 32 Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Tondai Region,
Nandhi Theertham created by Nandiswara
1000 - 2000 years old
Travel Base
Chennai  / Tiruvallur

The temple has other deities are Sundara Vinayagar, Bala subramaniar, Sakthi Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingodbhavar, Brahma, Durga, 4 nayanmars and Suryan.
Thirukandalam Shiva Temple

Sivanandhishwarar Temple

Nearby Temples : Periyapalayam, Siruvarpuri, Vengal, Vada Madhurai, Pancheshti, Gnayiru, Alamathi, Ariyathurai, Andarkuppam

How to reach: The temple is fairly easy to find about 40 kms from Chennai on the Chennai Nellore highway. After the Karanodai bridge and toll plaza look for the Periyapalayam turning on the left. 6 kms after the turn take a left at Kannigaiper village bazaar road and proceed for 6 kms the meandering road gets you to  Thirukkandalam village and the shiva temple .  Share autos are available from Kannigaipair.

Sri Shiva Nandeeswarar Temple,
Tirukandalam - 601 103, (Tirukallil)
Oothukottai Taluk, Tiruvallur district.


  1. Thank you. Vazhgha valamudan. But young devotee please give landmarks along route. For instance if one turns left to periyapalayam should one proceed same direction then again turn left???

  2. Same way please give details of other Old temples within 50 km of Chennai from anna nagar chintamani

    1. Hello Sir,
      Just am posting the temple details, only which I have visited. Please check this below link , it has some temple details around Chennai area


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