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Alaska Glacier Waterfalls

Alaska Glacier Waterfalls in Whittier

Alaska is one spot washed by an overflow of splendid water falls moving fast to carry the streams downhill as they make their way to the sea and the larger rivers. The image isn’t complete until you gaze at the bushes next to the falls nodding gently and leaving you with a sensation of a smell sweet as honey.
Alaska Glacier Waterfalls
Kittiwake Rookery Falls Whittier Alaska
Must See Waterfalls in Alaska
If we take a day cruise out of Whittier in Prince William Sound, we will see dozens and dozens of waterfalls streaming off the many glaciers in the area. Some of these waterfalls are quite impressive, but it is impossible to document them all from a cruise boat. Here just I have added few major waterfalls.

Glacier Waterfalls Alaska
Learnard Falls Alaska
Rookery Falls Whittier Alaska

Water falls Location: Whittier, Prince William Sound, Kenai Peninsula County
Access by Prince William Sound Cruise ship

·         Learnard Falls – Dropping from Learnard Glacier
·         Kittiwake Rookery Falls                
·         Horsetail Falls                     
·         Hidden Falls            
·         Northland Falls – Dropping from Northland Glacier               
·         Blackstone Falls – Dropping from Blackstone Glacier 
·         Beloit Falls - Dropping off from Beloit Glacier

Glacier Waterfalls Prince William Sound
Horsetail Falls Whittier Alaska
Learnard Falls Whittier Alaska
Whittier Glacier Waterfalls
If you are driving, Whittier is located about an hour south of Anchorage. Follow the Seward Highway south out of Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm. Turn left at Portage (about mile 40), then travel several miles to Bear Lake, the start of the Whittier tunnel.

The Whittier tunnel is generally open from 7:00am-10:30pm during the winter (Oct 1 to April 30) and from 5:30am-11:00pm during the summer (May 1 to Sept 30). The tunnel is only one lane wide and more than two miles long, so traffic is allowed through on an hourly schedule. Inbound traffic is released on the half-hour.

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