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Sprouting Horn Oregon Coast Hwy

Sprouting Horn and Thor's Well Oregon Coast 

Sprouting Horn Oregon : 
Sprouting Horn is another nearby natural attraction that arose near Cape Perpetua over a long period of time. A cave that developed along the coast, water and air gets funneled into the open space, building up pressure inside the cave. Once the pressure gets to be too much, the water spurts out, creating an ocean geyser that explodes upward at high tide, creating a mesmerizing view.
Sprouting Horn Oregon
Sprouting Horn Yachats
Thor's Well and the Spouting Horn

While hiking along the 0.75-mile round-trip Captain Cook Trail, you can find fascinating tidepools creatures at low tide, mountains of mussel shells left by generations of Alsea Indians who harvested them hundreds of years ago remains of a 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps camp and the spectacular Spouting Horn.

Good time To See :
Thor's Well or "Gate to Hell" at Cook's Chasm is a deep hole in the basalt rocks roughly around 20 feet deep. Moving upward water shoots to 20 feet high.

The best time to see these spectacular sites during high tides and storms, a period of time an hour before high tide to an hour after high tide.

Thor's Well – Yachats, Oregon
Sitting on the edge of the Oregon coast is what appears to be a gaping sinkhole that never seems to fill despite the unbroken stream of sea water that drains into it, but Thor's Well, as the natural wonder is known, is not bottomless, but it is very dangerous." - Atlas Obscura

Some call it a "gaping sinkhole," the "drainpipe of the Pacific" even a "gate to hell." It's known as a bucket list item for any thrill-seeking photographer, but a place that will swallow you whole if you venture too close...
Thors Well Oregon
Thor's Well Oregon
Yachats Spouting Horn
Located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, just three miles south of Yachats, Thor's Well is a bowl-shaped hole carved out of the rough basalt shoreline.

At high tide, the waves roll underneath the bowl, filling it from the bottom until it bubbles out the top or bursts up in violent spray. The water then rolls back into the hole, making Thor's Well appear to fill and drain endlessly. It's fun to watch when the ocean is high, but return at low tide to see the mechanisms at work.

Oregon Spouting Horn
Oregon Sprouting Horn
Spouting Horn Oregon
Spouting Horn Yachats

Directions to Thor's Well: 
Just South of the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center in Cook's Chasm, Oregon. Park on the West side of Highway 101 to see it below.
To get to Thor's Well, park at the Cook's Chasm pull-out .3 miles south of the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. You can see the hole from the viewpoints, or walk down the steps for a better look. You can also get to the spot via a trail connecting several points in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

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