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Devils Churn Yachats Oregon

Devil's Churn Scenic Overlook Yachats Oregon

Devils Churn is a narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States, south of Yachats. It is located in the Siuslaw National Forest and is accessible via the Restless Waters trail from the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area visitor's center or the U.S. Route 101 overlook. Access to the trail requires a United States Forest Service pass.

Devil's Churn Viewpoint Oregon
Oregon Devil's Churn Scenic Overlook
Restless Waters Loop Trail Devils Churn
The Power of Devils Churn

The inlet developed over many thousands of years as wave action carved into the basalt shoreline, first forming a deep sea cave whose roof eventually collapsed. As the tide comes in it can throw spray several hundred feet into the air when the waves reach the end of the churn. Visitors are urged to be cautious when visiting the churn as it can be dangerous.

Located just north of the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, here you can watch the crashing waves and the dramatic churning action of the ocean inside the wave carved inlet that we call Devils Churn. This deep chasm exposes the shoreline's volcanic history and shows the relentless, violent power of the ocean. The chasm likely started as a narrow fracture or collapsed lava tube in the volcanic bedrock. Over many thousands of years under the constant pounding force of the ocean waves it's now more than 80 feet wide where it opens at the ocean.
Devil's Churn Scenic Overlook
Restless Waters Loop Trail Oregon
Devils Churn Yachats

Restless Waters Loop Trail
This paved 0.4 mile National Recreation Trail hugs the coastline offering views of crashing waters, volcanic terraced tidepools and wind sculpted spruce. A wild place to see the winter surf as it explodes onto the terraces of volcanic rock.

Directions to Devils Churn Overlook
Cape Perpetua is about a 30 minute drive south of Newport on HWY 101

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