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Portage Lake Alaska

Portage Lake Whittier Alaska

Portage Lake is a glacial lake in the Chugach National Forest of Alaska. It sits in a long, heavily glaciated valley, and abuts the calving face of Portage Glacier at its southern end. 
Portage Lake Alaska
Portage Lake Whittier Alaska
Alaska Portage Lake
Chugach National Forest Alaska
The western shore of Portage Lake is easily accessed via a large parking lot at the lakeside Begich Boggs Visitor Center, just off the Portage Glacier Highway. Portage Glacier Cruises operates a short glacier cruise, which takes visitors near the face of the glacier. Recreational boating in the lake was illegal in the past, due to rolling icebergs and the calving face of Portage Glacier at the far end of the lake, but is now legal, though proper precautions must be taken for the challenging conditions.

During winter and spring, the lake is a popular destination for cross-country skiing, kite skiing, mountain biking, skating, snowshoe running, and hiking.

Deep enough to submerge an 80-story building, the lake was carved out over thousands of years of glacial advances. While Salmon make their way into the lake, you may not see them due to the immense deposits of glacial silt. The silt also protects them from predators such as birds and larger fish. However, they eventually make their way to clearer waters. Look for dense blue icebergs from Portage Glacier blown to shore. 
Chugach National Forest
Whittier Portage Lake
Portage Glacier Alaska
Portage Lake Whittier

Directions to Portage Lake
From Anchorage head down the Seward Highway, go around 40 miles and turn left on to Portage Glacier Rd. The turn will be just past the train station as the highway makes a wide sweeping hook to the right. Head into Portage Lake there are good signs several miles down the road pointing to the visitors center and parking.

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