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Rookery Falls Whittier Alaska

Rookery Falls – Whittier Alaska

Rookery Falls can be seen across the bay from the town of Whittier, one of many waterfalls dropping off of Learnard Glacier. It can be accessed up close from a kayak or one of the many cruise ships heading into Prince William Sound from Whittier. 
Kittiwake Rookery Falls Alaska
Alaska Waterfalls Rookery Falls
Alaska Rookery Falls Whittier

The waterfall is about 200 feet (61 m) high and drains a small lake perched above the cliffs. A large rookery adjacent to the falls has about 6,000 breeding Black Legged Kittiwakes, in addition to Glaucous-winged Gulls and Pigeon Guillemots. This is one of the largest kittiwake colonies in Alaska and is accessible by boat. It is named as Rookery Falls because of the kittiwake rookery here. It is an unofficial name. 
Rookery Falls Learnard Glacier
Rookery Falls Whittier Alaska
Rookery Falls Whittier
Whittier Rookery Falls

The very interesting thing about Rookery Falls is the kittiwake rookery located here. You will see hundreds of these birds flying and nesting around this waterfall. It is very interesting and unique. 

·         Waterfalls Name : Kittiwake Rookery Falls
·         Height: 200 ft.
·         Access:   By boat  
·         Elevation: 600 ft.
·         Season: May-Oct
·         Location: Whittier, Prince William Sound, Valdez Cordova County

Directions to Rookery Falls : It is located on the northern shore of Passage Canal, about 1.2 miles (1.9 km) northwest of Whittier, Alaska.

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