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Siouxon Creek Falls Washington

 Siouxon Falls - Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Siouxon Falls is the first of many waterfalls hikers encounter along the length of Siouxon Creek trail while following its namesake trail. The falls - the second largest along the length of creek paralleling the trail - flumes 28 feet down a narrow crack in the bedrock then spills into a huge blue pool popular for swimming and fishing alike. The falls are a common turn around point for hikers looking for an easy stroll, but better waterfalls further up the drainage beg for additional exploration. A small 9 foot fall can be found along the creek a third of a mile further upstream. 

Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Siouxon Falls
Siouxon Creek Falls Hike
Siouxon Creek Falls Trail Washington

Upper Siouxon Falls

Siouxon Creek is a stream well-endowed with waterfalls - eight drops of 5 feet or more are known to exist along its length, but only half of those are significant enough to warrant inclusion in this database. The uppermost fall along the creek is a 16 foot tall plunging block-type waterfall that stretches to over 30 feet in width during periods of high flow. The creek drops over such a uniform ledge and into such a perfect pool that one could be excused for assuming the falls were not natural. 

Upper Siouxon Falls WA
Siouxon Creek Falls Washington
Washington Siouxon Falls

Directions to Siouxon Creek Falls:  

Take SR 503 to the town of Chelatchie and turn east onto NE Healy Road. Follow this road, which becomes FSR 54 after a couple miles, for 9 miles and bear left (uphill) on FSR 57 (54 turns to gravel at this point while 57 remains paved). Just over one mile further turn left onto FSR 5701 (still paved) and follow it to its end 3 3/4 miles further at the Siouxon Creek Trailhead. Hike the Siouxon Creek Trail for 1.8 miles to trailside vantages and a bench overlooking the falls.

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