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Chinook Falls Washington

 Chinook Falls in Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Chinook Falls is 60-foot waterfall, most spectacular when water levels are high, pours wide Chinook Creek over a rock ledge. The waterfall is best viewed from mid-creek or the west side of the creek. Currently, a large log chained to the bank serves as a "bridge." The log can be slippery when wet, but in the dry summer months it is an easy walk across. Chinook Creek has a crystal-clear water and colorful pools. 

Chinook Falls Washington
Chinook Falls WA
Chinook Creek in Gifford Pinchot NF
Gifford Pinchot National Forest Washington
Water Falls in Gifford Pinchot NF

Chinook Falls is often the destination of choice for day hikers along the Siouxon Creek trail. It can be accessed via Chinook Creek Trail #130A in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.


Chinook Falls in Gifford Pinchot NF
Chinook Creek Trail Clear Pools
Chinook Creek Trail #130A

Directions to Chinook Falls:

Take SR 503 to the town of Chelatchie and turn east onto NE Healy Road. Follow this road, which becomes FSR 54 after a couple miles, for 9 miles and bear left (uphill) on FSR 57 (54 turns to gravel at this point while 57 remains paved). Just over one mile further turn left onto FSR 5701 (still paved) and follow it to its end 3 3/4 miles further at the Siouxon Creek Trailhead. Hike the Siouxon Creek Trail for four miles to a junction and head left across the footbridge onto Chinook Trail #130A and follow it for another 1/4 of a mile to the bottom of the falls.

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