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Tampa Saibaba

Hindu Temple of Florida,Tampa

Hindu Temple of Florida,Tampa is the Hindu temple and cultural center in Tampa, Florida. Found and supported by humble devotees, SDC serves as a prayer and meditation center, for Tampa Bay dwellers.

Tampa Hindu Temple

Tampa Bay Hindu Temple

Florida Sai baba Temple

Sri Sai Baba and Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman idols are installed opposite to temple main entrance .

Tampa Panchmukhi Hanuman

Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman

Every Face of Shri Panchamukha Hanuman has significance —
Sri Hanuman faces East. He grants purity of mind and success.
The Narasimha faces South. He grants victory and fearlessness.
The West facing Garuda removes black magic and poisons.
The North facing Varaha, showers prosperity, wealth.
The Hayagriva mukha faces the Sky. But since we cannot see it, it is usually tilted and shown above Hanuman’s face. Hayagriva gives knowledge and good children.”

Florida Sai Mandir

Tampa Hindu Temple

Tampa Sai Mandir

Sai Baba temple in Tampa

The motto of the temple is "The God is one – wise men give different names.

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