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Tampa Hindu Temple

Tampa Hindu Temple

The Hindu Temple of Florida (Tampa) was established in December 1983. A group of motivated individuals, who had made Tampa Bay their home, felt the need for a place of worship and practice of Sanatana dharma in their adopted land. 
Tampa Shiva Vishnu Temple

Tampa Hindu Temple

They came together and established the not for profit corporation and started raising funds for the land and later construction of the Temple. The land was purchased at the present site in 1989. The land came with an old house and was used as the initial Temple “Balalaya”. With further fund raising and the interest in the community, the temple construction was started in 1994 and completed in 1996 and the Maha Kumbabhishekam was performed in the same year. The Indianization of the temple started in the year 2000. 

West Florida Hindu Temple

West Florida Vishnu Temple

Florida Hindu Temple

The Vimala gopuram for all the deities and the main Raja gopuram were completed in 2006. The Temple canteen “Prasada Sadana” was started in 2000 and the new building was completed in 2013 on the day of Shivaratri.

Currently the temple is in the process of completing the new shrines for parivara devathas and prathishtapana is planned for 2015.

West Florida Hindu Temple

Tampa Vishnu Temple

Tampa Indian Temple

Tampa Siva Vishnu Temple
5509 Lynn Rd, Tampa, FL 33624

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