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Thiruvisanallur  - Sivayoginathar Temple

Thiruvisanallur also called Thiruvisalur (formerly known as Shahajirajapuram, Tiruviyalur) is a village in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The village is known for the Sivayoginathar Temple, a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Siva.

Sivayoginathar Temple

Tiruviyalur Yoganandeswarar

The Sivayoginathar Temple is old and is believed to be built at the spot where eight Siva yogis(sages) attained salvation and merged with the lingam. The shrine is dedicated to Chatur Kala Bhairavar, one of the four Bhairavas. The Sthala Vriksha(temple tree) of the temple is vilva. The temple is frequented by people who were born under the sign Rishabha. Sivayoginathar is also known as Yoganandeswarar.

Vilvaranyeswarar Temple

Puradhaneswarar Temple

The temple is incarnated by the hymns of Thevaram and is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam (275 Shiva Temples). The temple is considered 43rd of the Tevara Stalams in Chola Nadu located North of the river Cauvery. 
Thiruvisanallur  - Sivayoginathar Temple
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Sivayoginathar (Sivagurunatha Swamy)
Goddess Name
Sri Soundaranayagi (Parvathi)
Kumbakonam – Mottai Gopuram Stop
Kaverikarai Sivasthalam, Devara padal petra stalam,
Swayambumurthi, Chatur Kala Bhairava, Rishabha Rasi Temple
1000 - 2000 years old
Travel Base

The four Bhairavars, (Chatur Kala Bhairavars) each representing the four phases or four Ashramas in the lifespan of a human being are as follows:

Chatur Kala Bhairavar

Gnana Bhairavar : The Brahmacharya phase of the human life is dominated by his quest for knowledge. Gnana Bhairavar bestows good education and good employment on his devotees.
Swarna akarshana Bhairavar: In the Grahasta phase, Swarna akarshana Bhairavar blesses his devotees with excellent growth in career and material gains.
Unmattha Bhairavar: In the Vanaprastha phase, His devotees are blessed with good health, financial stability and good luck.
Yoga Bhairavar: In the Sanyasa stage of life, a man is supposed to be totally devoted to God. By praying to Yoga Bhairavar and the Kailash Lingam beside the Yoga Bhairavar, man attains salvation. The objective of existence is to try to merge the jivatma (individual self) with the paramatma (God). This is known as moksham or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The four ashrams prepare a person to undertake the process in a controlled but directed manner.

Devotees who worship Chatur Kala Bhairavar during the 8th day of the waxing period (ashtami of Sukla paksham or valarpirai) gain in prosperity and advancement in business and career. Devotees worship during the 8th day of the waning period (ashtami of Krishna paksham or theipirai) to get cured of their diseases, peaceful family life, protection from evil spirits and envy.

Lakshmi Narayanan Thiruvisanallur

There is also a sannadhi for Lakshmi and Narayanan which is a rare.  Vishnu and Lakshmi are supposed to have got the blessing of Shiva here for their marriage.

There is a Sun Dial in the periphery wall of this temple opposite to Soundaranayagi  Ambal’s Sannidhi, which is a symbol of the scientific advancement during the Chola period.
Thiruvisanallur Sun Dial

How to Reach : Thiruvisanallur temple is on the Suryanar – Thirumangalakudi – Swamimalai Road. Temple is around 20 kms from kumbakonam town.

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