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Sai Baba Temple in San Antonio

Sai Baba Temple of San Antonio :

The temple is started by a group of sai baba devotees to follow his teachings and principles.    

"Love All, Serve All. Help Ever, Hurt Never" 

The temple has the daily Services
Morning/Kakad Aarati  : 08.30 AM
Noon/Madhyan Aarati  : 12 Noon
Evening/Dhoop Aarati  : 06:30 PM
Night/Shej Aarati           : 08:00 PM

Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered - Baba

Jai Sai Ram - May Baba bless us all

Address :
Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
8600 Wurzbach, Suite #702,
San Antonio, TX - 78240

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