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Weldon Wagon Road Hike

Weldon Wagon Road Trail in Washington

The 2.5-mile historic wagon road built in the early 1900's to transport apples from the upper farmlands to the White Salmon River for transporting to markets. It is now a year-round trail with a wildflower show in the spring and great colors of vine maples and oak woodlands in autumn.
Weldon Wagon Road
Weldon Wagon Road Hike
Weldon Wagon Road Trail

Historic Weldon Wagon Road: Settlers living on the heights above Husum used to employ sleds to ferry their produce down to "town." Apples were the prime product at that time, and they had to get to market. In the early 1900s, Elwin Weldon and Henry Hyndman built a wagon trail to lead down the slope to the White Salmon River. The road has now been converted to a hiking trail that offers expansive white oak woodland at its beginning and end as well as wide-ranging vistas in between on open slopes that bloom with balsamroot, paintbrush, and other wildflowers in the spring. Beginning on private land, the trail then accesses the White Salmon Oak Natural Resources Conservation Area.  
Best Wildflowers Hike in Washington
Mt Hood Weldon Wagon Trail
Weldon Wagon Road Hike WA

Hike Description:  To find the trailhead, walk 0.15 mile up a 4x4 road to a well-marked sign for Weldon Wagon Trail. At 1.5 miles, the trail takes you into the White Salmon Oak Natural Conservation Area. Return the way you came. At the end of the wagon road you'll find old rusted farm equipment left there to capture a feel for the past. 

The trail crosses the White Salmon Oak NRCA (Natural Resources Conservation Area), which includes 315 acres containing one of the larger and remaining forests of Oregon White Oak. The idea is to preserve the environment of the area to resemble its appearance prior to settlement.  The best time to hike this trail is in the spring, to see the wildflowers. Late April and May allows you to enjoy the spring display of the beautiful balsamroots and lupines. Also Look for the views south to Mount Hood. 

·         Hike Type: Out and back
·         Distance: 5 miles round trip
·         Elevation Gain: 1340 feet
·         Difficulty: Moderate
·         Best Season: Late April to mid-May

Weldon Wagon Trail Wildflowers
Weldon Wagon Road Trail in Washington
WA Weldon Wagon Road Hike
Weldon Wagon Road Trail WA

Directions to Weldon Wagon Trail-head:  Cross the Hood River Bridge ($2 toll). Head west onto WA Hwy 14. Drive 1.6 miles and turn right onto Highway 141 ALT. Continue 2.2 miles and turn left onto Highway 141. Go 4 miles to Husum. Turn right, before crossing over Rattlesnake Creek/Bridge, onto a gravel Indian Creek Rd. Drive 0.6 miles. Bear left onto Indian Cemetery Rd. Then continue for 0.3 miles to a 4x4 road and sign marking the Weldon Wagon Trail.

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