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Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier

Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier National Park

Reflection Lakes is one of the Roadside Attractions in Mount Rainier National Park, The Reflection Lakes that received its name from a close and full reflection of Mount Rainier in the waters. Lots of people come here to enjoy this iconic view. Reflection Lakes can also be accessed via the Wonderland Trail.

Mount Rainier Reflection Lakes
Mount Rainier Wonderland Trail
Mt. Rainier Reflection Lakes
Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier
One of the most iconic views of Mt. Rainier in the park can be found at Reflection Lakes. Summer and fall, sunrise and sunset, it is perhaps the single-most photographed view for both budding and experienced photographers, who return again and again. In summer, the lakes are bordered with wildflowers and come autumn, they are a mirror of fall color. Many consider this area to be the park at its best — colorful blooms, enchanting animal life, and scenic, awe-inspiring beauty of mountain peaks and alpine lakes.

Reflection Lake Washington
Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier
Reflection Lakes Mt Rainier
Wonderland Trail Mt Rainier
Mt. Rainier Reflection Lake

Driving Directions to Reflection Lakes - Drive 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Paradise on Stevens Canyon Road for a possible glimpse of Mount Rainier's reflection in these sub alpine lakes.

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