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Lake Quinault Olympic Peninsula

Lake Quinault in Quinault Rain Forest Washington 

Lake Quinault is a lake on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington state. It is located in the glacial-carved Quinault Valley of the Quinault River, at the southern edge of Olympic National Park in the northwestern United States. One of the most dominant features of Lake Quinault is its location within the Quinault Rain Forest, a temperate rain forest. Lake Quinault is owned by the Quinault Indian Nation. The area is accessible from U.S. Route 101.
Lake Quinault Fishing
Washington Lake Quinault
Lake Quinault Washington
Lake Quinault offers lush rainforest groves within a short walk or drive of most creature comforts. The lake has served for decades as a popular resort destination—cabins, lodges, and stores dating from the 1920s line the southern shore, just outside the park boundary. The old-growth forests here have survived intact, though the naked tracts of clear-cut timber along US-101 north. 

·         Area activities include fishing (with permit from the Quinaults),
·         scenic drives (a loop around the lake is longer than 30 miles),
·         and Hiking - southern side of the lake has short hiking trails maintained by the U.S. 

Lake Quinault in  Quinault Rain Forest
Lake Quinault Olympic Peninsula
Quinault Rain Forest

The Quinault Valley is a wilderness gateway to alpine meadows, jeweled lakes and ice-carved peaks. For shorter visits, the valley has a scenic loop drive and short trails through temperate rain forest in both Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest.

Directions to Lake Quinault :
Quinault is located in the southwestern area of the park, about a three-hour drive from Port Angeles and one hour from Forks

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