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Thirunelli Gunnika Temple

Thirunelli Gunnika Temple – Cave Shiva Temple

Thirunelli is a small and beautiful village in Wayanad district in the state of Kerala, India. Thirunelli Vishnu Temple is a very famous and ancient temple located in this village.
Gunika Shiva Temple
Gunnika Shiva Temple
Gunnika Siva Temple
As you walk from Thirunelly vishnu temple to Papanasini along the riverbank , somewhere midway on your left, a small bridge appears. Cross this to go to a cave temple called Gunnika temple dedicated to lord Siva. Legend is that a fruit ( again Nelli fruit ) plucked by a pilgrim was turned into a Phallus (Shiva linga), as he was finishing bath in the Papanashini.
Tirunelli Gunnika Siva Temple
Thirunelly Gunnika Temple
Thirunelli Gunnika Temple
Papanasini - Gunnika
Cave  Shiva Temple - Gunnika
The another belief is that, Gunnika was the abode of Lord Shiva and it was from here that he started to Kottiyur to kill Dhakshan, the father of Sathi Devi. 

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After the ancestral rites at Pinnappara, pilgrims visit Gunnika temple also.

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