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Thiruvottriyur Guru Temple

Thiruvottriyur Guru Temple

This is a guru temple dedicated to Lord Dakshinamurthy facing north. Lord holds Agni (fire) in the right hand, serpent in the left, pressing Muyalagan the symbol of ignorance. Traditionally, only four Maharshis – Sanaka, Sanatana, Sananthana and Sanatkumarar are with the Lord. There are 18 Maharshis around the Lord in this temple, a rare form. There is an elephant worshipping near the Lord on the Peeta.  

Thiruvottriyur Guru Temple
Tiruvottriyur Guru Temple

How To Reach :  The Guru Temple is located near at Therady bus stop in Thiruvottiyur High Road (T. H. Road), Chennai suburb. The Therady bus stop is around 2 km from Thiruvottiyur bus terminus. The temple is easily accessible from all parts of Chennai.

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