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Thiruvottriyur Pattinathar Temple

Pattinathar Temple Thiruvottriyur Chennai

The Pattinathar Temple  is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in Tiruvottriyur, Chennai.  There is no tower or vimanas.  The saint is facing the sea from a separate shrine in a Linga form.
Pattinathar Temple Chennai Tiruvottiyur
Chennai Thiruvotriyur Pattinathar Koil
Pattinathar Thiru Kovil Thiruvottiyur
It is believed that while Pattinathar was playing with the cowherd boys at Thiruvotriyur, he disappeared from the spot and attained Siva Sayujyam, the final liberation of the soul. It is said that the relatives including his wife came to the spot where Pattinathar attained mukthi and offered their devotion.
Pattinathar Samadhi  Tiruvottiyur
Pattinathar Temple  Thiruvottriyur
There are two siddhars one Pattinathar and the second vallalar are the only saints who have not left any mortal remains of the body. In other words they have attained god with their body (Eraivanudan errandara kalandhargal). Hence we could not see samadhi for these two saints.

Chennai Thiruvottiyur - Sri Pattinathar Temple
சென்னை திருவொற்றியூர் பட்டினத்தார் திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Saint Pattinathar
Sri Pattinathar
Other  Names
Famous line - காதறுந்த ஊசியும் வாராது காண் கடை வழிக்கே
Birth Place
Kaveripumpattinam (now - Poombuhar)
Travel Base

Saint Pattinathar Life History :
Saint Pattinathar was a Saivaite and a Spiritual leader. Pattinathar was born in a village Kaveripumpattinam (now - Poombuhar) in a very wealthy family. His parents were Sivanesan Chettiar and Gnanakalai Aachi. Click here to know more on Pattinathar Birth Place.
Pattinathar Wording
Pattinathar Miracles in Life  Tamil
Pattinathar Life History in Tamil
He was born in a wealthy family and yet he turned to be a Sanyasi. He was known also as Thiruvenkadar. It was said that even when he was a youth, Lord Siva appeared in his dream and directed him to go to Thiruvengadu, where he would meet his Guru. Pattinathar has given us his experience and wisdom in the form of hyms. His works include Thirukazhumala Mummanikkovai, Thiruvidai Marudhur Mummanikkovai, Thiruvegambamudaiyar Thiruvandhaadhi and Thiruvottriyur Orupa Orupadhu.

There is another Jeeva samadhi close to this temple - Sri Veera Raghava Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi  Thiruvottriyur Chennai.
Sri Veera Raghava Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi  Chennai
Pattinathar Temple Tiruvottiyur Address: 
Pattinathar Temple SH 114, Tiruvottiyur Kuppam, Appar Nagar, Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600019, India.

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