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Thiruvudai Amman Temple Melur

Chennai Melur - Thirumanangeeswarar Temple

Thirumanangeeswarar - Thiruvudai Amman Kovil is a Hindu temple located 2 km from Minjur, Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the Three Sakthi Temples.
Thiruvudai Amman Temple Melur
Melur Shiva Temple
Thiruvudai Amman is known as Ichchaa Sakthi (the devi who will fulfill devotees wishes). The other two temples are Vadivudai Amman Temple in Tiruvottiyur. Vadivudai Amman known as Gnaana Sakthi (the devi who will bless us with Gananam) and the other is Kodiyidai Amman Temple in Thirumullaivoyal. Kodiyidai Amman known as Kriyaa Sakthi (the Devi who assists us in all our actions).
Tri Shakthi Temple Melur
Thiruvudai Amman Temple Near Minjur
Melur Thiruvudai Amman Temple

Chennai Melur Sri Thirumanangeeswarar Temple
சென்னை மேலூர் திருமணங்கீஸ்வரர்  திருக்கோவில்
Main Deity
Lord Shiva
Sri Tirumanangeeswarar
Goddess Name
Sri  Thiruvudai Amman
Melur Near Minjur
One of the Three Sakthi Temples
Temple for Iccha Shakti (Power of Will)
One of the Pournami Darshan Amman temples around Chennai
1000 Years Old
Travel Base

Best time to visit the Three Sakthi Temples : The temples for these three sakthis are located near Chennai. It is considered auspicious to get darshan of all three sakthis one after the other on the same day, especially on a full moon day and if possible on a full moon day which falls on a Friday.
Melur Thiruvudai Amman Kovil - In the morning
Thirumullaivoil Kodiyidai Amman Temple - In the evening.

Temple History : For having playfully closed the eyes of Lord Shiva for three seconds and thus darkening the world he cursed his consort Parvati to be borne in the world thrice (Icha Sakthi, Gnana Sakthi and Kriya Sakthi) after which he will appear and marry her again. This is the story behind the three temples. The divine wedding is also believed to have happened here.
Icha Sakthi Temple Chennai
Melur Three Sakthi Temple
Melur Siva Temple
This place was once a forest filled with trees and shrubs with sweet-smelling flowers and was known as Suganda Vanam (Suganda-indicating sweet smelling, Vanam-forest). A rich man found his cow showering its milk into a shrub which was in the form of a Shivalingam and a snake consuming the milk and going inside. He covered this Swayambu Lingam (self-occurring) with an armour and started worshiping the Lord as Sungandavaneswaran. In due course the name changed to Thirumanangeesar. It is one of the Pournami sakthi darshan temples in Chennai Area.

How To Reach :  Thiruvudai Amman Temple is located at Melur, in Chennai suburb, around 3 km from the Minjur railway station. and It is located 1 km from Melur bus stop.

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