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Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves, Nenmeni Near Wayanad

Edakkal Caves are the natural caves at a remote location at Edakkal, 25 km from Kalpetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala in India's Western Ghats. They lie 1,200 metres above sea level on Ambukutty Mala, beside an ancient trade route connecting the high mountains of Mysore to the ports of the Malabar coast. Inside the caves are pictorial writings believed to date to at least 6,000 BCE, from the Neolithic man, indicating the presence of a prehistoric civilization or settlement in this region. The Stone Age carvings of Edakkal are rare and are the only known examples from south India.
Stone Age carvings in Edakkal Caves
Edakkal caves Kerala
Tamil and Brahmi Script in Edakkal caves
Edakal caves are famous for its pictorial paintings (cave paintings), which are considered to be of 6000 B C. To reach the caves, one has to trek through the Ambukutty Mala. It will take around one hour to climb the hill to see the historic caves.
Edakkal Caves near Wayanad Kerala
Edakkal Caves Nenmeni Hikking
Ambukutty Mala Kerala
Inside the cave, you can see two chambers. The lower chamber is 18 ft long, 12 ft wide and 10 ft high and the upper chamber is 96 ft long, 22 ft wide and 18 ft high. You can sight carvings of human, animal figures and objects used by humans, on the walls of the caves. These carvings give great evidence for a highly civilized society who lived in the pre-historic age. Edakkal caves have drawn great attention of archeologists and historians worldwide.
Edakkal Caves trekking
Brahmi Script in Edakkal caves Kerala
Edakal Cave Old age Scripits
Edakkal is the only known place in India with Stone Age carvings. You can see here carvings belonging to Neolithic and Mesolithic age. The human figures of these caves have raised hair and some have masks. They all have archeological significance and are interesting too. Along with these pictorial carvings, you can also watch Tamil and Brahmi Script in Edakkal caves.
Edakkal is said to have some links with Indus Valley Civilization too. Around 400 signs were discovered recently, which had shown its relationship with the ancient civilization.

While trek to Edakkal Caves, we can see the Edakkal Amma open church on the foot path to the  caves, Many stone carvings can be seen there. The pictures of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Adam and Eve Forbidden fruit etc., are carved on the rocks.

The visiting time to Edakal caves is from morning 9:30 to evening 4:30. You can reach the lower part of the Ambukutty hills via bus or car and from there you have to climb the hills. Till mid way of the hills, you can make use of the jeeps arranged by the DTPC. To enter the caves, you have to pay a reasonable entry fee.

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