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Valmeekam Tribal Museum

Valmeekam Tribal Museum and Art Gallery

Valmeekam clay art gallery is a Unique Realization of Clay Sculptury. First Ever Terracotta Sculpture Museum in Kerala. Valmeekam art gallery is an exquisite display of finely carved terracotta sculptures. Each sculpture, displayed in the museum, can tell a thousand stories about man’s relationship with nature and his/her unending pursuit for spirituality.
Valmeekam Tribal Museum
Valmeekam Tribal Museum Kuruva Island
Kerala Terracotta Sculpture Museum
The open terracotta sculpture gallery, located near the peaceful Kuruva Island, a tourist attraction in Wayanad, Kerala, is first of its kind in India. The museum is arranged in a unique manner so that a visitor can feel and experience the mysticism of nature, the inspiration behind these pieces of art.
Kerala Tribal Museum
Valmeekam clay art gallery Kerala
When you step into the gallery, you are stepping into a world that resonates with your inner voice. Carving man’s quest for spirituality into an art form is seen as impossible, but through his terracotta sculptures, George kutty has in fact made it possible.
Kerala Valmeekam clay art gallery
Based on the central themes, the sculptures carved in terracotta can be broadly classified into:

Tribes: The designs that fall under this category mirrors the unique characteristics of Wayanad’s tribal culture, customs, rituals and their timeless relation with nature.
Love: Love and passion is considered as the essential nature of all beings. Sculptures that imprison passionate relationship between men and women and the divine love of Mother Nature are showcased in this category.
Buddha: The inspiring life cycle of Budha is the predominant theme of Buddha terracotta sculptures. There is a rare sculpture that portrays Buddha with a beard.
Terracotta Sculpture Museum in Kerala
Terracotta Sculpture Tribal Museum in Kerala
Valmeekam Art Gallery and Museum
Valmeekam Tribal Museum Near Wayanad
How to Reach :  Valmeekam Art Gallery and Museum is very close to Kuruva Island. It is 35 km from Kalpetta and 45 km from Bathery. The closest big towns are Calicut (Kozhikode - 115 km) and Mysore (105 km). 
Valmeekam Art Gallery and Museum - Near Kuruva Island, P.O.Bavali, Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala, India

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