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Wayanad Tea Plantations

Wayanad Tea Plantations 

Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats Mountains of Kerala. This area is known for its beautiful greenery and perfect climate. Many people come to see the dramatic waterfalls, scenic tea plantations and caves. With many wildlife sanctuaries, visitors are drawn here to see many different species of animals. It is a very pleasant place to live or visit since it is so quiet and peaceful.
Fresh Tea Leaves Wayanad Tea Estate
Scenic Tea Plantations in Kerala
Wayanad has a good deal of tea plantations. Many times your drive through this district would be through the rolling hills packed with tea estates. Vythiti and Meppadi are areas if you are keen to see some of the tea plantations in Wayanaad.

The best time to visit a tea plantation is those post monsoon seasons. Harvesting typically is an early morning affair, much before the sunrise. The tender leaves are manually plucked.
Scenic Tea Plantations in Wayanad Kerala
Tea garden from the Meppadi region of Wayanad
Tea Leaves in Wayaanad Region
Tea Plantation tours in wayanad
Tea Plantations in Wayanad
Those sparsely spaced Silver Oaks are essential for the plantation's survival. Tea is a rainfed crop. The efficiency of tea plantation's output depends on the adequate and uniform yearly distribution of rainfall and soil moisture. The Silver Oak does give the shade, but doesn't compete with the tea crop for the soil moisture. Tea plants are bushy and pruned typically to your midriff level height, making the plucking easy. During the plucking, one will squeeze through the narrow gap between the plants.

Many resorts and home stays arrange plantation tours in Wayanad. It's peculiar Wayanad has plantations of Tea, rubber, coffee and spices, especially cardamom, though they grow in distinctively different soil and environmental conditions. Of all these plantations, tea estates steals to show, thanks to the spectacular patterns it create on those rolling hills.

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