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Fort Funston Beach

San Francisco Fort Funston Beach

Fort Funston is the southernmost beach on the Pacific Coast side of San Francisco and is part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Fort Funston Beach
This park is popular with hang-gliders and dog walkers. There's a picnic area and a hang-gliding observation deck, where you can enjoy stunning views. Take the steep unmarked trail to the beach and pristine sand dunes. Hiking, horseback riding and bird watching are also popular here. You'll find a system of multi-use trails for horses and pedestrians.
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This is one of the most interesting San Francisco beaches. There are dramatic cliffs, a rare dune habitat, and beautiful stones and shells to discover. The beach stretches for 4.6 miles, so you'll have plenty of space to roam. Be aware that during high tides the beach may not be accessible.

As the name implies, Fort Funston was once a military facility, and you'll still find the remains of gun emplacements designed for coastal defense, including Battery Davis in Sunset Trail located on the observation deck.
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How to Reach : The fort is located on Skyline Boulevard at John Muir Drive, west of Lake Merced. Fort Funston National Park, Fort Funston Road, San Francisco, CA. There's a large parking at the southern end of the park, off Skyline Boulevard.

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