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Fort Funston Sunset Trail

Sunset Trail in Fort Funston National Park

Fort Funston National Park is a former harbor defense installation located in the south-western corner of San Francisco.
Fort Funston National Park Beach
Sunset Trail in Fort Funston
Formerly this area known as the Lake Merced Military Reservation, the fort is now a protected area within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). It was named in honor of Frederick Funston, a General in the United States Army, and includes an artillery battery bearing his name.
Fort Funston Beach Sunset View
A hang glider launches from Fort Funston Overlook
Fort Funston features 200 foot high sandy bluffs on San Francisco's southwest coast where the winds blow reliably wildly. Be aware that it's a steep, strenuous hike down to the beach and back up. Once we reach the top we can enjoy the scenic Fort Funston Beach

Fort Funston Trail is best known for its enormous, dog-friendly beach as well as its cliff-clinging takeoff point for hang gliders. But it’s also a terrific place to go on a 1.5-mile scenic beach stroll. Wind-sculpted sand dunes, serrated golden cliffs.
SFO Fort Funston Trails
Fort Funston Overlook
Fort Funston National Park Trails
The area is covered with a network of trails suitable for hiking or horseback riding. The strong, steady winds make the cliffs overlooking the beach a popular site for hang gliding.

Battery Davis is essentially an artificial hill built into the seaside cliffs above Ocean Beach. It’s an old heavy-caliber gun battery, built just before the Second World War.
SFO Battery Davis
SFO Fort Funston National Park
How to Reach : The fort is located on Skyline Boulevard at John Muir Drive, west of Lake Merced
Fort Funston National Park, Fort Funston Road, San Francisco, CA

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