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Parikkal Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple 

Parrikal Village is located between two rivers Thenpennai and Kedilam. It has One of the foremost Narasimhar kshetras in South India Parikal near Villupuram  is replete with  puranic lore. In this place Lord Lakshmi Narasimha killed the asura Parikalasuran and hence this place is called  Parikal.  

Parikal Lakshmi Narasimhar

Parikalasuran was the lieutenant to three asura rulers namely Kamalakshan. Tharakatshan and Vidhyunmali. Parikalasuran had the face of a horse and the body of a human being. The three rulers were burnt to ashes by Lord Shiva . Lord Narasimha also helped Shiva in their destruction. But Parikalasuran escaped unhurt and hid himself in Thirimudhukuram ( Vridhachalam).This place was ruled by King Vasantharajana staunch devotee  of Lakshmi Narasimha. The King wanted to built a temple for the Lord and thus started the  construction work. Mean while   Parikalasuran wanted to avenge  his defeat and wanted to encounter Lord Lakshminarasimha in a battle. Thus he entered Parikal destroyed a part of the place and did not spare even the temple under construction. At this juncture Vasantharajans parents die and the king considers it to be a bad omen and stops the temple work Thirupani.

Parrikal Narasimhar Temple

Parikkal Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple

Veera Anjaneya and Bhakta Anjaney

After some years the King decides to resume the construction  of the temple and consults his family guru Vamadeva. The intelligent guru is aware of the sinister design of Parikalasuran and decides to safeguard  Vasantharajan  whole performing the yagna which precedes the temple  construction. The king is asked to chant Arkshara Amirthakshara  mantra for his safety while performing the yagna . As excepted Parikalasuran entered the  yagasala and tried destroying the place. He also searched for Vasantharajan but  could not find him. After  trying hard he found the King in Samadhi posture  chanting the mantra, blissfully unaware of the surroundings. Parikalasuran  hit the king strongly on his head with a sickle . Lo and  behold  Ugra Narasimha emerged from the  head of the king in all splendour and glory and   tears the body of Parikalasuran in two pieces. With the grace of Narasimha Vasantharajan is brought  back to life and he worships the Lord    and requested that the Narasimha  should appear as Shantha Swaroopam  to his devotees. Since Vasantarajan was blessed with the darshan of  Narasimha  because of Parikalasuran this place came to be called as Parikalapuram or Parikal.

This is one of the 8 temples in Tamil Nadu, where Lord Narasimha provided darshan after the killing of Hiranya.
1) Singarakudi near Pondicherry,
2) Anthili near Thiru Kovilur,
3) Parikkal near Kedilam,
4) Sholingur near Arakonam
6) Singaraperumal Koil near Chengalpet
7) Sinthalavadi near Trichy
8) Poovarasan kuppam  near Panruti

Parikkal - Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple
பரிக்கல் - லட்சுமி நரசிம்ம சுவாமி திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Lord Narasimhar
Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar,
Goddess Name
Sri Kanakavalli Thayar
Parikal near Villupuram
Other names
Parikala puram
Prarthana Sthalam
1500 years old
Travel Base
Villupuram / Ulundurpet

How to Reach : Parikal is situated 25 kms south of Villupuram and 18 kms north of Ulundurpet.

Parikkal Temple is 3 km on the branch road of Villupuram - Ulundurpet road (Tiruchi - Chennai By Pass NH45). Bus facilities are available from Villupuram and Ulundurpet but not frequent.  We can get down in Gadilam (Kedilam) Junction and get mini buses or Auto service to reach the temple.

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