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Srimushnam - Sri Bhuvaragaswami Temple

Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple is extremely ancient. Tradition states that Lord Vishnu resides in Srimushnam in three forms the 'Ashwatha tree', 'Nithya Pushkarani' and 'Bhoovaraha Swamy'.  Bhoo Varaha Perumal is a Saligrama moorthy and the speciality of the temple is that there is a Thirumanjanam every day for the Lord.
Bhuvaragaswami Temple
Swayambu Kshetram : Srimushnum is one of the 8 Swayambu Kshetrams in India. The others are Srirangam, Tirupathi and Vanamaamalai(Nanguneri) in South India and Saligramam, Naimisarinyam, Pushkaram and Badri in North India.

The lord here is swayumbhu and is formed from a single large black stone saligrama. The lord is facing west and his face (Boar) is turned upwards and facing south. Lord Narayana brought back Goddess Earth after killing Asura Hiranyaksha and appeared here in Srimushnum.
Swayambu Kshetrams
Prarthana Sthalam :  This is a prarthana sthalam for childless couples. Women, who take bath in the temple tank and recite the Varaha Kavacham are said to be blessed with offspring's. This is also a prarthana sthalam for those unmarried, who on offering their prayers at the Saptha Kannigal Sannidhi are said to find the right match. Belief is also that Lord Bhoo Varaha helps devotees in the purchase of house and car.
Bhoo Varaha Swamy temple
Lord Sri Rama Temple : Outside the temple there is another beautiful temple for Lord Sri Rama. The uniqueness in the temple is that Lord Sri Rama is in sitting posture in this temple, a very rare sight.
Sri Mushnam Ramar Temple

Sri Mushnam - Sri Bhuvaragaswami Temple
ஸ்ரீமுஷ்ணம் - அருள்மிகு பூவராக சுவாமி திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Lord Vishnu
Moolavar Name
Utsavar Name
Bhoo Varaha Swamy West Facing Standing Posture
Yagya Varaha Swamy
Goddess Name
Sri Ambujavalli Thaayar East Facing
Sri Mushnam
Temple Tank
One of the eight Swayambu Kshetrams in India.
Maha Vishnu in Varaha form.
Lord’s boar face is seen turning South, with His body facing the West - Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu
Travel Base
Virudhachalam / Chidambaram
How to reach :  Sri Mushnam is well connected from all major towns and getting down here is hassle free. It is situated in the western part of Chidambaram. There are lots of transportation facilities available. This sthalam is situated about 20 Kms away from Virudachalam and about 40 Kms away from Chidambaram. So, there are lots of buses and lodging facilities are available.

Travel plan From Chennai :  By Train, One can take any South bound train from Chennai and get down at Vriddachalam Junction Several buses from Vriddachalam to Srimushnam via Rajendrapatnam.
By car, Srimushnam is about 235kms from Chennai via Tindivanam-Vikravandi-Panruti-Neyveli-Vadalur and Sethiya Thope. One can reach in 4 hours.

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