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Swamimalai Murugan Temple

Thiruverakam, popularly known as “Swamimalai” is located at a distance eight kilometers from Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district on the northern banks of the river Cauvery. It is one of the six famous abodes (Arupadaiveedu) dedicated to Lord Muruga (also spelt Murugan). Lord Muruga preached Pranava mantra “ OM ” to Lord shiva and that why he is called “Swaminathan”.

Swamimalai Murugan Temple

The temple is built on an artificial hill and is reached by a flight of steps. It is believed that the sixty steps of the temple ascending to the sanctum sanctorum represent the sixty months of the ancient Tamil calendar. Lord Shiva enshrined at the foot of the hillock is known as “sundaresar” and the Devi is known as “Meenakshi”.

Specialities of Swamimalai Temple

The Lord here presents Himself as Gurunatha Who taught the essence of Pranava to His Father, Shiva (‘Swami') and thus became Swaminatha. It is said that once, as a result of the curse laid on him by Bhrigumuni, Lord Shiva forgot the “Pranava Mantra”. He immediately sent for his son Subrahmanya and asked him if he knew the Mantra. The young Subrahmanya smilingly replied that he does and he asked Lord Shiva that if only the Lord is prepared to learn the Mantra in a proper manner, then he would teach Him. Thereupon. With folded hands and bowed head, Lord Shiva stood before his young Guru (Subrahmanya) with great veneration and learnt the Mantra. As this incident took place in this sacred place it came to be known as “Swamimalai” and the deity as Swaminatha, indicating that the son was superior to his Father.

Swaminathaswamy Murugan Temple

Swamimalai Murugan Temple Paintings

He graces with the Vajra Vel representing three divine powers – Itcha Shakti, Gnana Shakti and Kriya Shakti. 

Swamimalai Murugan

Swamimalai temple is praised in the hymns of Arunagiriar’s Tirupugazh and in Tirumugattrupadai by poet Nakkeerar considered as the invocation song in Sangam Tamil literature edition.  Brahmma, Bhoomadevi, Indira worshipped the Lord in this temple. 

The Murugan here is also known as Swaminathan and "Thagapan Swami" (literally "Father God" - referring to the fact that Murugan taught His father and hence was His father's Guru.)  As the Lord was a Guru to His own Father Lord Shiva, the place is revered as Gurumalai, Gurugiri.

Swamimalai - Sri Swaminathaswami temple
சுவாமிமலை - சுவாமிநாத சுவாமி திருக்கோயில்
Main Deity
Lord Murugan
Sri Swaminathar / Swaminathaswami / Thagapan Swami,
Goddess Name
Sri Valli, and Sri Deivanai
Other names
Saint Nakkeerar and Saint Arunagirnathar praised the lord,
4th temple in Aru padai veedu (6 Temples of murugan)
1500 years old
Travel Base

How to Reach : Swamimalai is situated about 8 kms west of Kumbakonam on the banks of a tributary of river Cauvery. It is well connected from Kumbakonam and Tanjore (Very Frequent bus services available).

Swaminathaswami Temple

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