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Lyle Cherry Orchard Hike

Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail in Washington

The Lyle Cherry Orchard Trailhead is a hiking area and tourist attraction located on Lewis and Clark Highway in Lyle, Washington. The trail is a variable-distance, mostly out-and-back hike that's 6.5 miles if we include the Cherry and Lyle loops. We can hike the Cherry Orchard Loop for a 5-mile roundtrip outing, or the slightly shorter Lyle Loop at 4 miles roundtrip.

Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail
Lyle Cherry Orchard Trailhead
Rowena Plateau Oregon
On a clear day we can enjoy the view of Rowena Plateau, McCall Point, Marsh Hill, Chatfield Hill, and Mount Defiance across the Rowena Gap. On the Washington side, we can see the Catherine Creek and Coyote Wall areas.

Ø  Start Point: Lyle Cherry Orchard Trailhead

Ø  End point: Lyle Cherry Orchard

Ø  Distance: 6.5 miles

Ø  Elevation gain: 1340 feet

Ø  Difficulty: Moderate

Ø  Significance: Washington Wildflower hikes


Cherry Orchard Trail Lyle WA
Columbia River Gorge View from Lyle
Columbia River Gorge WA
Lupinus in Lyle Cherry Orchard
Lyle Cherry Orchard Hike WA

This hike is very beautiful, with lots of flora and fauna to admire in wildflower season. The trail also offers amazing views of the Columbia River Gorge from Washington side. This is a very popular area for Wildflowers watching, birding, hiking, and running. 

Warning:  There is abundant poison oak along the edges of this trail. 

Beware of  Poison Oaks , Ticks and Rattle snakes. 

Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail Washington
Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail Hike

Trail Head Directions:  Lyle Cherry Orchard Trailhead on Lewis and Clark Highway (Washington SR 14) in Lyle, WA 98635, 1 mile east of Lyle, after the tunnel.

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