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Hamilton Mountain Hike in Washington

Hamilton Mountain Trail in Washington

Hamilton Mountain is a popular hiking destination located in the Columbia River Gorge of Washington state. The trail offers stunning views of the Columbia River gorge, Mount Hood, and the surrounding area.

Hamilton Mountain Hike WAHamilton Mountain Trail WA
Hamilton Mountain Forest Washington
Hamilton Mountain Trail in Washington

The Hamilton Mountain hike is known for its varied terrain and rewarding vistas. The trailhead begins at the parking area in Beacon Rock State Park. Hikers ascend through forests and rocky sections, and during certain times of the year, wildflowers add to the beauty of the hike. One of the highlights is the Pool of the Winds, a small waterfall that cascades down a rocky chute. Further along, the trail leads to a series of viewpoints where hikers can see panoramic views of the Columbia River, Bonneville Dam, and the surrounding landscape. The final viewpoint at the summit of Hamilton Mountain provides a breathtaking vista of the Gorge.


Table Mountain Washington
Pacific Northwest Forest View
Mt Adams View from Hamilton Mt

Highlights of Hamilton Mountain Hike : 

Viewpoints: The trail features multiple viewpoints along the way, with the most popular being the summit viewpoint, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge, the Bonneville Dam, Beacon Rock, and, on a clear days, we can see the Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount Saint Helens and Table Mountain. 

Waterfalls: Rodney Falls and Hardy Falls is a smaller waterfall we will encounter on the trail, which is a nice bonus. 

Ø  Start point: Hamilton Mountain Trailhead

Ø  End point: Hamilton Mountain

Ø  Hike type: Lollipop loop

Ø  Distance: 7.5 miles

Ø  Elevation gain: 2100 feet

Ø  Difficulty: Moderate

Ø  Significance: Waterfalls, and Columbia River Gorge views


Wild Flowers in Hamilton Mountain
Hamilton Mountain Hike in Washington

Directions to the Trailhead:

The Hamilton Mountain Trail is typically accessed from Beacon Rock State Park.

Northwest Forest Pass for parking is required at the trailhead.

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