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Dalles Mountain Ranch Trail Washington

Dalles Mountain Ranch Loop Hike Washington

Dalles Mountain Ranch is a former 6,000-acre scenic cattle ranch in Washington state. It's part of the Columbia Hills State Park, which was created in 2003 when Horsethief Lake State Park and Dalles Mountain Ranch merged.

Balsamroot and lupine Dalles  Ranch
Balsamroot and lupine, Dalles Mountain Ranch
Browns Island Columbia River Gorge
Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve

Dalles Mountain Ranch offers miles of hiking trails. The trails are well-maintained and made of dirt and grass. The trails are easy and have an elevation gain of 465 feet. The trails offer views of Mount Hood, wildflowers, and the Columbia River Gorge. The best time to visit this ranch is in the spring, especially in mid-April to May when the balsamroot and lupine is peak bloom. Every year (typically in April and may), the hillsides become engulfed in nothing but yellow and purple wildflowers. 

Ø  Start point: Crawford Oaks Trailhead

Ø  End point: Crawford Ranch

Ø  Hike Type: Loop

Ø  Distance: 7 miles

Ø  Elevation gain: 1060 feet

Ø  Difficulty: Moderate

Ø  Fee to park in the trail head - Discover Pass

Ø  Watch out for poison oak, ticks, and rattlesnakes


Dalles Mountain Ranch Car
Dalles Mountain Ranch Trail
Mt hood Dalles Mountain Ranch
Wildflowers Dalles Mountain Ranch

Dalles Mountain Ranch Car
It is one of Historical Landmark in Centerville, Washington, US

Old Abandoned Rusted car in springtime wildflowers, Dalles Mountain is one of most photographic spot in the trail. 

The Bleakney wagon Dalles Mountain
Dalles Mountain Ranch Trail Map
Dalles Mountain Ranch Hike

Directions to the Crawford Oaks trail head: From the intersection of U.S. 197 and SR 14, drive 3.6 miles east on SR 14 to the Crawford Oaks Trailhead and parking area, on the left (north) side of the road.

Other Trail head which is very close to Ranch Car - Dalles Mountain Ranch Trailhead

Drive I-84 east to Exit 87 for Dufur and Bend. After exiting, take a left for the DMV, DOT, State Police and The Dalles Dam.

Drive 3.6 miles, crossing The Dalles Bridge, to a right turn merge with Highway 14E for Kennewick.

From here, go 0.9 miles and make a left turn off Highway 14 onto The Dalles Mountain Road for the Columbia Hills State Park and Dalles Mountain Ranch.

Drive 3.4 miles on this gravel road and reach a junction at an old wagon and before a group of ranch buidlings.

Keep straight (right) here for 0.2 miles; then turn left up the hill and park in the Dalles Mountain Ranch Trailhead parking area.

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