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Hoh Spruce Nature Trail

Hoh Spruce Nature Trail Forks WA

The Spruce Nature Trail, is a short loop, similar to the Hall of Mosses Trail,  (1.2 miles/ 1.9 km). It offers a quick path through the lush Hoh rainforest. The Spruce Nature Trail sees slightly less elevation change over a longer distance trails making it an easier alternative. Also, it is a diverse trail that loops through both old and new growth forest as you walk alongside Taft Creek and the Hoh River.

Hoh Spruce Nature Trail
Spruce Nature Trail Hoh Forks
Hoh River Olympic Peninsula
This is one of the popular loops passes through the lush rain forest with its monstrous namesake trees to the mighty Hoh River. Follow the signs through a few junctions on this well-maintained trail. Small streams create wetlands amongst the ferns, moss-draped maples, and huge spruce trees.

The Spruce Nature Trail breaks off from the Hoh River Trail, and comes to a junction which can be taken in either direction. The trail meanders through the exquisite forest with great features such as trees lined up over nurse logs. It eventually reaches the Hoh River which is cloudy, giving hints of its glacial origins. Keep an eye out along the way, and at the river, for the area’s elk herds. The trail leaves the river and continues through the forest to close the loop.

Hanging moss and ferns in Hoh Rain Forest
Hoh Spruce Nature Trail Forks
Spruce Nature Trail Olympic Peninsula

The Hoh Rain Forest gets as much as 14 feet of rain a year. The prevalent fog and mist contribute the equivalent of another 30 inches of rain, resulting in one of the world's lushest rain forests, hence its designation as one of the wonders of Washington State. The western slopes of the Olympic Mountains are the first area to get hit with the moisture-laden wind and rain storms that come in from the Pacific Ocean.

Directions to Trailhead: Turn onto the Upper Hoh Road from Hwy 101 (13 miles south of Forks). Follow the road to the visitor center at the end of the road. The trail begins behind the visitor center.

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