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Hiking Trails at Hurricane Ridge

Hiking Trails at Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge runs from east to west along the northern side of the Olympic Peninsula, with Mount Olympus, at 7,965 feet, being the tallest mountain. The rugged mountains contrast with the beautiful fields of wild flowers below making it the perfect place to enjoy a summer hike, however, the weather here is extremely unpredictable and you should always be prepared for a sudden change of temperature and rain or snow. 
Big Meadow Trail
Cirque Rim Trail
Deers in Hurricane Ridge
Marmots in Hurricane Ridge

Trails at Hurricane Ridge

·         Cirque Rim Trail
·         Big Meadow Trail
·         High Ridge Trail
·         Sunrise Point Trail
·         Hurricane Hill Trail
·         Klahhane Ridge Trail

Big Meadow Trail and Cirque Rim Trail are well-maintained and paved meadow trails. The length of the trails is about ½ mile. Both of these trails are considered to be easy, because they are relatively flat. The routes take the beginning from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center offering wonderful views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains. It gives the incredible 360 views and the best scenic easy hike at Olympic.

These trails have abundant wildlife, marmots and deer can be seen here very often. Big meadow and Cirque Rim Trails allow wandering through meadows, which are filled with wildflowers and through sub alpine green forests. Both of the trails are well-marked and have interpretive signs along the way.
Explore Hurricane Ridge
High Ridge Trail

Hurricane Ridge Trail: High Ridge Trail is a short 1-mile route, which is also full of educational and interpretive exhibits. High Ridge Trail is also accessed from the Cirque Rim Trail; you just need to turn onto the High Ridge Trail. The path provides stunning views especially when you gain altitude.
Hurricane Ridge Meadows
Hiking at Hurricane Ridge

Directions from Port Angeles: Follow US 101, turn south onto Race Street. Continue mile to Heart O’ the Hills Parkway and follow for about 5 miles to the entrance station and continue on Hurricane Ridge Rd for 12 miles to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.

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