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Sunrise Point Trail Mount Angeles

Sunrise Point Trail in Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge Area in Olympic National Park is at a higher elevation than the other sections of the park. It can get pretty chilly, so it is recommended always to have jacket even in the middle of summer. 
Sunrise Point Hike Mt Angeles
Sunrise Ridge Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge is an area located about 45-minutes south from Port Angeles high up the mountains. The stunning area is filled with great hikes, incredible views, plenty of parking, a visitor center, and great viewpoints. Even if you are not an avid hiker, I highly recommend this area for everyone. The views are spectacular and easy to experience.
High Ridge Trail Mount Angeles
Hurricane Ridge Rd Olympic National Park
Hurricane Ridge Road Olympic National Park

Sunrise Point Trail is a little bit of a walk uphill, but the views are spectacular on a clear day. we can see the ocean waters in the distance and of course all the surrounding mountains.

Begin with the High Ridge Trail that leaves from the  Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center parking lot and proceeds for a quarter of a mile to a junction with the Sunrise Point Trail. Take this short spur to the left to reach Sunrise Point, where you'll have stunning views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Vancouver Island, and Port Angeles to the north and the Olympic peaks to the south.
Klahhane Ridge Hike Hurricane Ridge
Klahhane Ridge Trail Hurricane Ridge

Klahhane Ridge - Mount Angeles 
This trail is located next to Sunrise Point, and it is mainly for experienced hikers. The beginning of the trail is very narrow and next to a very steep cliff. While ridge walking the first section, I started to get vertigo, but once we got through the narrow part, the trail becomes a bit easier to manage. While hiking along Klahhane Ridge and Sunrise Point Trail on a clear day is to see some of the best views in Olympic National Park
Sunrise Point Trail Hurricane Ridge
Sunrise Point Trail Hurricane Ridge Wa

Directions from Port Angeles: Follow US 101, turn south onto Race Street. Continue1 mile to Heart O’ the Hills Parkway and follow for about 5 miles to the entrance station and continue on Hurricane Ridge Rd for 12 miles to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.

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