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Estes Park Lake Colorado

Lake Estes Rocky Mountain National Park

Lake Estes is a reservoir in Estes Park, Colorado. It is held up by Olympus Dam. The lake has a shoreline of about 4 miles and a surface area of 185 acres. The reservoir lies on the Big Thompson River and is a component of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. 

Colorado Estes Park Lake
Colorado Estes Park
Colorado Lake Estes
Estes Park Colorado

Lake Estes is ringed by the 3.75-mile, aptly named Lake Estes Trail. Perfect for a stroll to enjoy the water and Continental Divide views, or the frequent wildlife sightings. 

Most visitors enter the park through the eastern entrances near Estes Park, which is about 71 miles (114 km) northwest of Denver. The most direct route to Trail Ridge Road is the Beaver Meadows entrance, located just west of Estes Park on U.S. Route 36, which leads to the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center and the park's headquarters.

Lake Estes Colorado
Lake Estes in Estes Park
Lake Estes Trail
Estes Park Lake Colorado

During peak tourist season, there is free shuttle service within the park and the town of Estes Park provides shuttle service to Estes Park Visitor Center, surrounding campgrounds, and the Rocky Mountain National Park's shuttles. 

Directions To Estes Park: The Estes Park Lake is Seventy miles north of downtown Denver and forty miles northwest of Boulder, The Estes Park is easily accessible from US Highway 36. Surrounded by acres of nationally protected lands.

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