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Ramona Falls Mt Hood Oregon

Ramona Falls Mt. Hood National Forest Oregon

Ramona Falls is a waterfall on the upper Sandy River on the west side of Mount Hood Wilderness, Oregon, United States. It is located in forest along the Pacific Crest Trail at an elevation of 3,560 feet (1,090 m). The falls are about 120 feet (37 m) tall overall, consisting of a wall of cascades.

Ramona Falls Mount Hood Oregon
Ramona Falls upper Sandy River
Ramona Water Falls Oregon

Ramona Falls is 120-foot drapes across a stair-stepped cliff of columnar basalt. The very popular trail to the shady grotto of this Mount Hood cascade starts out in a mossy alder forest beside the Sandy River's bouldery outwash plain. A loop trail to the falls follows a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

·         Location: Clackamas County, Oregon, USA
·         Forest: Mount Hood Wilderness
·         Access: 7.1 Miles Hike Round trip
·         Waterfalls Type: Horsetail
·         Elevation: 3,560 feet
·         Total height: 120 feet (37 m)

Ramona Falls has such a lovely shape because it cascades over the remnants of a columnar basalt lava flow. When basalt lava cools slowly enough, it fractures into a hexagonal pattern perpendicular to the cooling surface. Later erosion has broken these basalt columns into a stair-stepped honeycomb.

Please Note:  Glacial River crossings on the flanks of Mt. Hood Wilderness do not have foot bridges. Hikers should be prepared to cross for dangerous river conditions.

Ramona WaterFalls Mount Hood Wilderness
Ramona Falls Mt Hood Oregon
Oregon Must see Scenic Waterfalls
Mt Hood Scenic Waterfalls Hike

Directions Ramona Falls Trail Head: 
From Portland, OR - turn north on Lolo Pass Road (Forest Road 18). Follow it four miles. Turn east (right) onto Forest Road 1825 and continue 0.6 miles, cross a bridge and then continue 1.7 miles to a road junction. Bear left at the junction onto Forest Road 1825-100 and drive 0.3 mile. Take a left onto Forest Road 1825-024 to a large open parking lot (0.2 mile) at the Ramona Falls trailhead.

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