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Dry Creek Falls Oregon

Dry Creek Falls Columbia River Gorge Oregon

Dry Creek Falls, Oregon is a considerably taller waterfall than appears at first glance. Upon arriving at the base of the falls, the spirited 74-foot plunge of the creek spilling out of an extremely narrow canyon appears to be the extent of the falls. 
Dry Creek Falls
Oregon Dry Creek Falls Hike
Oregon Dry Creek Falls
However, tucked hidden in the canyon above the visible part of the falls actually lies another five (possibly more) drops which bring the cumulative height of the falls to around 230 feet. Unfortunately, the only way of reaching them is by rappelling into the canyon from above and climbing down the gorge with aid of ropes and wet-suits. 
Oregon Dry Creek WaterFalls

The city of Cascade Locks uses Dry Creek as its municipal water source. There is a small concrete dam that diverts a portion of the creek into a tunnel just below the falls.

The basalt amphitheater around the falls provides a great backdrop, and the basin does get remarkably green in the spring. Flowers are often seen growing around the base of the falls as well, and the falls should remain almost universally shaded outside the longest days of the year. It is one of the Scenic Waterfalls in Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Waterfalls
Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls
Dry Creek Falls Oregon

Dry Creek Falls is accessed from the Pacific Crest Trail at Cascade Locks. Park at the Pacific Crest Trail trail-head next to the Bridge of the Gods and follow the trail under Interstate 84. Under the highway the trail intersects a road, walk up the road about 300 feet to the continuation of the trail on the left. About 2 miles from the trail head the trail crosses Dry Creek. Just before crossing the creek, follow a gravel road uphill for another 1/4 mile to the falls.

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