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Tamanawas Falls Oregon

Tamanawas Falls Mt. Hood National Forest Oregon

Tamanawas Falls forms a broad curtain where Cold Spring Creek thunders over a 150’ lava cliff near the eastern base of Mount Hood. This hike along scenic Cold Spring Creek to the falls has been a traditional trek for families and is especially scenic in autumn, when cottonwood, Douglas and vine maple and western larch light up the forest in reds and golds. Tamanawas is Chinook Jargon for "spirit" or "spiritual guidance".

Tamanawas Falls Near Mt Hood
Frozen Tamanawas Falls Oregon
Frozen Tamanawas Falls Hood River
East Fork Hood River Oregon
Tamanawas Falls Oregon
Cold Spring Creek Mt Hood

Tamanawas Falls can be access from the East Fork Trail # 650, This trail is found on the east slope of Mount Hood and follows the Cold Spring Creek.  It is an ideal destination to cool off on a hot summer afternoon.  The falls are approximately 100 feet high and 40 feet wide.  The trail follows Cold Spring Creek and is shaded by large Douglas fir, cedar and a variety of trees and shrubs.

Tamanawas Falls in Winter
Oregon Tamanawas Falls

Directions to Tamanawas Falls from Hood River: Travel south on Highway 35 for approximately 25 miles to the Tamanawas Falls trailhead parking area on the west side of the highway. The trailhead is 1/4 mile north of Sherwood Campground.

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